The Shocking Stephanie McMahon Wardrobe Malfunction

What people love about watching women fight in the WWE arena is not just their beautiful faces and bodies being matched against each other in a battle of brawn. They also anticipate those moments when the women are caught in really embarrassing moments, just like Stephanie McMahon’s wardrobe malfunction.

Like all women of WWE, she is no exception in getting herself in compromising situations. Most worthy of mention is Stephanie McMahon’s wardrobe malfunction.

In this scene, Triple H was giving her the pedigree. He locked her head in between his knees then knocked her off to the side. When she fell, both of her breasts popped out of her blouse.

This famous woman wrestler is actually a championship title-holder, which she held for only 5 months. As you see here she really works hard for it.

Despite numerous other incidents when her body parts got exposed during a match, she still proudly stayed in the game.

Becoming a champion herself is not a surprise because it runs in her family. She is one of the offsprings of former WWE Champion, Vince McMahon.

Both her parents, Vince and Linda are into wrestling and in fact own the WWE franchise. Her brother Shane is also a wrestler and part owner of WWE. Her grandfather is Roderick “Jess” McMahon.

She works very hard onscreen and in real life. She is a businesswoman and the Chief Brand Officer of WWE. She is also the on-screen WWE commissioner of the TV show Raw.

She is a fourth generation member of the McMahon family who has been promoting WWE since she was a teenager. She started by modeling their t-shirts, worked as a receptionist and other odd office jobs until she got promoted.

People have been questioning her never-ending changes in boob size. Some say she had implants. It could be because of all her strenuous exercises.

In an episode of WrestleMania 33 in 2016, she was literally pushed off the show by Triple H. It was just a storyline but that marked her retirement from the onscreen wrestling scene.