ClearView HDTV Antenna: Is it the Next Leading Brand of Antenna?

Television has been one of the initial entertainment form around the globe. It evolved from black and white to high definition TV’s. However, television won’t work without antenna. Antenna is created to receive an over-the-air broadcast TV signals, which are sent at different frequencies depending on your country.

Individuals around the world have difficulty in choosing what antenna they should avail. A lot of antennas are advertised in every place but there is one that caught my attention.

I present to you the ClearView HDTV Antenn Review.In this article, we’re going to have a critical review for this antenna and unlock the secrets behind this.

ClearView HDTV Antenna- Features and Specs

As I had my thorough research about this antenna, I gathered some information on this ClearView HDTV Antenna.

ClearView HDTV Antenna claims that it provides 50-mile operational range that can present up to 100+ channels in HD.

With hundreds of channels they can supply, they assert that it is in full 1080 HD signals. Moreover, ClearView HDTV Antennacomprises of dual band reception. Also, it is in 13-inch x 12-inch design and lastly, it can be setup in just 2 minutes.

What channels to expect in ClearView HDTV Antenna?

First and foremost, every antenna provides News and Weather reports. Local news are always free, and the broadcast tower will always give these channels to consumers with no additional payment. On the other hand, the weather channels will also be under same category as your local news, and consumers are likely to get the weather channel with clarity.

Expect to watch Sports with this antenna. NFL, NHL, NBA, MLA and more will be given via the satellite.

Look forward in watch TV shows and Movies with this antenna in high- definition.

Setup Process of ClearView HDTV Antenna

Since ClearView HDTV Antenna is 13” x 12” inch design, users likely are able to conceal it to their view.It won’t show up on the wall or be a messy sight like their competitors.

If you really wanted to ensure that you will receive a large number of channels, the position of the antenna is the primary thing you need to work on. The best part is you just have to put the antenna near a window. Just make sure that your antenna faces the nearest broadcast tower.

Scientists from NASA developed this antenna, and it utilizes military technology so that it can receive signals. It’s a badass TV antenna which works even in the countryside. Mostly, local broadcast towers are located more than 20 miles away from the countryside.

More importantly, this antenna can be used on every other place, just rent a RV or any transportation means and attach the antenna on the television and you’re ready to go. Prepare you popcorn and enjoy watching those channels you want.

ClearView HDTV Antenna Reviews from people who used it

You’ll find lots of CV Antenna comments creating bold claims that customers receives over a hundred channels. Truth be told, it is really challenging to get such number of channels with an antenna. Most of the time it will only let you get 30 channels.

Just in case you happen to get 100 channels, it might be because you are getting reception from different towers.

Also remember that you are about to get channels in high definition. These channels are free of charge. So technically, you only paid for the antenna which serves as your investment. No penny spent for the channels itself.

Is ClearView HDTV Antenna a scam?

According to statistical evaluation of this product, it has 92% channel availability while gathering a 90% HD Quality.

With its price, it collects 91% which means it is expensive than other antenna. Lastly, it accumulates 91% for the setup, which sums that it is harder to assemble than other.

With those evaluations, it collects 91% in total rating which means that ClearView HDTVprovides poor services than other but it does not necessarily means it does not compete with other leading brand of antenna.

ClearView HDTV Antenna- Is it worth the money? Testimonials of people who used it

Clear View Antenna is worth buying, though it may cost you $39.95 for one unit along with a 50% discount. You may get an additional discount for as much as 60% if you purchase more than four antennas. But hey, is it really worth the penny?

The primary reason is it does not perform as much as other models. There is a lot of models that is of the same price, yet you’ll get an amplifier that will enhance your range, longer cables with more numbers of channels.

If I am to pick between CVAntenna and the other leading brand, I will definitely choose the other one.

Who is Jack?

You might wonder why “Jack” is included in this article, let me introduce him to you. He is the admin of Best HD Antenna.

He has been battling to create a way to assist his friends as well as his family to cut the cord. He then decided to create the best HD antenna to eliminate streaming from his options to watch the best shows and movies.

He took a big attention in dealing with the Best HD Antenna so that others can acquire knowledge on what antenna they should avail.

Final Thoughts ClearView HDTV Antenna….

All of the things that are being presented in the market can be judged accordingly to their services. There are things that give poor services, mediocre, and of course the best of the best.

As for this ClearView HDTV Antenna Review, I find it the mediocre one. From its features and specs up to the testimonials, I already realized what services it can offer.

I must say, I would not recommend buying it since users of this were already dissatisfied of what it can give. But, there is always room for improvement. Maybe in the future, ClearView HDTV Antennais already competing with the leading brand.