Lean Belly Breakthrough Review Promises You Would Lose 7 Pounds of Belly Fat In 3 Days

This Lean Belly Breakthrough Review will offer you an unbiased and realistic view; It will allow you to decide if this is the diet for you. It will show you the pros and cons enabling you to make a decision if to purchase or not.

The Lean Belly Breakthrough program was developed by Bruce Khan who is a well-known fitness instructor with more than 15 years experience in the industry. The program has been developed with Dr. Heinrick, It is alleged Heinrick is an alias to protect the identity of the Dr. This is a normal practice.

The program is targeted at the over 30-age group.  This program was created after Bruce Khan’s father in-law suffered a heart attack while on a flight.

Dr Heinrick developed the program enabling Bruce Khan’s father in-law to lose weight quickly that would ultimately save his life. Shortly after starting the program, the father in-law had staggering weight loss results, which encouraged his wife to start the program where she also enjoyed the benefits of the program.

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The program claims that by eating nutritional rich foods and exercising for as little as two minutes every day you are able to reduce the risks of serious health problems contributed to by your previously unhealthy life style.

Because this program targets the 30 year old and above you are supplied with information that will inform you of the signs of serious health conditions particularly heart conditions.

Who Should Use Lean Belly Breakthrough?

It appears safe to say that if you are aged 30 and above and overweight then this diet program could be of interest to you. It is rare to see a diet program targeting a specific age group. The diet and exercise have been developed with this age group in mind achieving fast results.

We all know how being overweight is not great for our health but as we get older we tend to lead more sedate life styles, may be because we are office bound and moving around is difficult. We all tend to use our cars more and more even for the shortest trips if aged over 55 you will remember walking more to do errands, keeping us healthier.

It is a well-known fact that as we age our metabolic rate slows if we do not do anything about, a slow metabolism will cause your weight to increase if you maintain the same dietary habits as when you were younger.

For us folks who do not move around too much but still have busy lifestyles Bruce Khan has introduced a 60-second belly workout to help knock of those unwanted pounds you have been carrying around your waist for the longest time.

A key element in this program is you are supplied with tracking data sheets so you can easily see your progress adjusting your routine for quicker results. It is vital to monitor your progress to give you the continual motivation to carry on and achieve the goals you desire.

A huge claim is made stating that 3 inches can be removed from your waistline in just 14 days. It is claimed the result is achieved by eliminating your bad cholesterol. The second key to your weight loss will be a calorie-restricted diet.

It is safe to say you will be eating a diet that will keep your body healthy with just the correct amount of calories, antioxidant rich foods combined with fat busting spices and a little exercise to speed up the process.

The Lean Belly Breakthrough Review uncovers two major elements of the diet program. Firstly, we need to address the fatty liver the second is the importance of detoxifying the body, both issues will be covered with a combination of spices and herbs. I know what your next question will be. Yes, there is science to back up the claims

The diet claim that you stress hormones will be reduced and your feel great hormones with increase giving you a better sense of all over well being.

What Will I Eat On This Diet Program

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Salad leaves
  • Beetroots
  • Greens
  • Chicken
  • Lean Beef
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • A combination of spices

Your diet will comprise of all the food groups that are wholesome and rich in nutrients and vitamins the food groups will give you the key minerals responsible for maintain and repairing your body. You will notice that you do not see starch groups within the list these can be introduced moderately as your weight and waist size decreases.

However, you should not be going hungry on this diet, although the food groups are low in calories they are filling.


  • Fast results
  • Sense of Well Being
  • A promise to lose 30 pounds each month
  • 2 minute per day exercise program


  • Need to be focused and motivated
  • Hard work needed to stay the course
  • Only available as an e program

Where Can I Buy?

The Lean Belly Breakthrough is available at the seller website www.leanbellybreakthrough.com

It cost 27USD and you will need to download the program. All major credit cards accepted with secure transactions through clickbank.


This Lean Belly Breakthrough Review considers all the aspect of the diet plan alone to be based on sound assumptions. Any calorie-controlled diet will produce results and the more calories you restrict will produce quicker results.

In combination with spices Known for their fat burning qualities the diet looks like a winner.

Being on a restricted calorie controlled diet needs a lot of work and motivation, if you have just had a hard attack then the motivation will be strong and you will achieve your goals. However, for the average overweight person it would be an uphill challenge, I am sure you could choose some elements of the diet and realize lesser results.

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